Waterford Women Soccer Team Parents:

I have been asked to be the Team Representative this year for the
Waterford Women's soccer team.  My name is Joy Duke and my daughter, Madeline, 
will be a sophomore this coming year at Waterford.  My responsibilities are
to be a liaison for the team.  I will communicate with Coach Dolbin and his 
staff.  Hopefully this will help to get important dates and information to the parents.

Just a few reminders:

1.  You are receiving this email as your daughter was interested in
     Waterford Women's soccer and signed up in the spring.  If your
     daughter is no longer interested, please email back and we can take
     your information off the contact list etc. If you would like additional
     emails included, please let me know and also any corrections to
     your information.

2.  Tryouts begin Aug 15th.  I have attached the handout of dates
     for preseason training and games.  Your daughter should have already
     received this but this is an additional updated copy for your family.
     If your daughter is planning on participating on the team this fall,
     it is important that she attend all training sessions and games after Aug. 15th.
     Any questions with this, please have your daughter contact Coach Dolbin.

3.  Additional attachment includes recommendations for individual summer training 
     and coaches contact info.

4.  Each player needs to be state registered and a physical completed.
     The information is available on the Waterford School Website under the
     Ravens Athletic Website. The registration and physical
     must be completed before a  player can participate on the team.
     Many of you have already completed this as the information
     was sent out earlier.  If you have not completed both registration
     and physical, please arrange for this asap. Here is the link
     to the information.'s-Soccer/210

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Feel free
to text or email me.  Welcome to our new players and families! We love having
Coach Dolbin and his staff working with our players. We are excited for the new season!

Go Ravens!

Joy Duke


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