2012 Volleyball Information Sheet

Volleyball Information Sheet

2012 Season

Our season begins on Monday, August 6, at 9am in the East Gym. Anyone who would like to participate with a team is expected to be present at that time. The season will end with State Tournament at UVU on October 25/26.

With few exceptions, matches will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays and practices are scheduled for Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Before school begins, practices will be in the morning from 9am to noon. (See two-a-day practice schedule below.) Assuming we have enough players to field Frosh, JV and Varsity teams, our game day schedule is as follows: Frosh at 4:30pm, JV at 5:45pm, and Varsity at 7:00pm.

Transportation to and from away matches will be provided by the school for members of the team. Our longest road trip for region matches will be to Coalville, UT. With few exceptions, students will not miss classes on travel days. Parents and family are expected to provide their own transportation to away matches.

A home and away uniform top will be provided. Players must purchase their own shorts. We wear the navy blue Mizuno MVP2 spandex shorts. These will be available for purchase at practices before our first matches. Players must also have a pair of high quality court shoes in a brand and style of their choice. Ankle braces are highly recommended. Ankle injuries are a common occurrence in volleyball. These can be prevented by wearing ankle braces. For practices, players should wear clothing that is modest and appropriate to the sport.

Shoulder injuries are probably the most common problem associated with volleyball. The repetitive overhand motion of attacking, serving and setting causes strain on the rotator cuff and can result in chronic pain or more serious problems. Players should participate in a regular conditioning program during the summer months to stretch and strengthen this area. See Coach Manning for information on specific ways to prepare for  and prevent this type of injury.

We will participate again this year in the Dixie Fly High tournament in St. George:

  • Thursday morning, Aug. 16 - Depart from Waterford
  • Thursday evening - Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City
  • Thursday night - games, treats and overnight at Judd cabin near Cedar City
  • Friday morning, Aug 17 - team activities at cabin
  • Friday afternoon - tournament matches in the Dixie Convention Center, St. George
  • Saturday, Aug 18 - tournament matches
  • Saturday evening - return to Waterford


(The schedule below does not include preseason matches that are yet to be scheduled.)

Aug 6 Practices begin (9am - noon)

Aug 8 - 14 Two-a-days (9am - 11:30am & 1pm - 3pm, weekdays only)

Aug 15 Service activity on campus

Aug 16 - 18 St. George Tournament

Aug 20 - 29 Practices (9am - noon, with exceptions to-be-determined)

Aug 30 - Sept 3 No practices or matches - Family Time!

Sept 4 - Oct 24 Practices MWF from 3:30pm - 5pm, matches as scheduled

Sept 13 Maeser Prep (home)

Sept 18 South Summit (away)

Sept 20 Summit Academy (away)

Sept 25 North Summit (home)

Sept 27 Rowland Hall (away)

Oct 2 Maeser Prep (away)

Oct 4 South Summit (home)

Oct 9 Summit Academy (home)

Oct 11 North Summit (away)

Oct 16 Rowland Hall (home)

Oct 25 - 26 State Tournament at UVU

Contact Information

Please contact me any time with questions or concerns. I am looking forward to the coming season.

Coach Manning


801.816.2236 (office)

801.608.4602 (cell)

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