2013 Fall Co-Ed Upper School Cross Country IMPORTANT SEASON INFORMATION!!!

Waterford Cross Country Fall 2013

Coaches and Contact Information:  

Lawrence Zellner:  


Phone:  (206) 390-9189


All students must fill out Tryout Checklist ( - Scroll down to "H" for Health Exam Forms, "T" for Tryout Checklist Form.

Students who have previously participated in an Upper School sport—fill out Form B.  

Students who have not previously participated in an Upper School sport -or- new students to the Waterford School—fill out Form 

A (this form requires a physical examination by a doctor).

Practice Schedule:  

Before School Begins:  8:00-9:30 am Monday through Thursday

After School Begins:  3:30-5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Note:  (season ends in mid-October—a complete schedule will be available in the 

fall—if you need preliminary information please ask)


First Practice:  August 12th at 8:00 am.  We will meet on the Waterford Quad.

Forms must be turned in at the beginning of practice or else you cannot practice.


First Race:  Thursday, August 22nd 

Highland Invitational at Sugar House Park in Salt Lake City (in the afternoon)


A good pair of running shoes is essential and a knowledgeable running store can help you select a pair appropriate for your feet.  Local stores may offer discounts for Cross Country runners and include:

Wasatch Running 

Salt Lake Running Company

Team Jackets:

The online team store will open in late July and close in early August—if you want team gear you can order it there:


Summer Training

Cross Country is an opportunity for anyone, no matter his or her athletic background or current level of fitness, to discover how much fun running can be.  To put yourself and the team in the most competitive situation possible, we suggest being active over the summer.  A good goal is to be able to run 3+ miles comfortably (still have energy left when finished) by the first practice.  For returning runners and those who are able or motivated to do so, we suggest working a bit harder and being able to do 3 miles within about one minute of your personal best by the first practice.  The following suggestions—to be varied as your situation requires—are made with those goals in mind.

New runners:  

  • ¬ Run at least 4 times a week.  
  • ¬ Progress gradually:  on the first week, start with one or two miles and try to run as much of that as possible.  When you can run two miles without stopping, add a half mile or mile each week until you work up to four or five miles at least once a week and three miles the other days.  
  • ¬ Add hills when you are stronger: when you can run at least three miles each day without stopping, take one of those four days and, after a mile warm-up run, find a gradual hill and run up it quickly for one or two minutes and then walk back down and repeat at least ten times.  
  • ¬ Stay active with cross training:  in addition to the four days a week of running, we recommend hiking, cycling, or some other sort of physical activity on at least two more days each week.  

Returning runners:  

  • ¬ Run at least five days a week.
  • ¬ Three runs should be at a comfortable pace for at least thirty minutes and one of those should be for at least forty-five minutes.  
  • ¬ Hills: one day a week should be for hills—beginning with at least a one mile warm-up and including an active time of at least twenty minutes (preferably with a slow jog on the way down).  
  • ¬ Long intervals: one day a week should include four to five minute intervals with one minute of rest in between each—beginning with at least a one mile warm-up and with a target pace within thirty seconds per mile of your personal best race pace last year.  
  • ¬ Progress gradually but consistently: for both hills and intervals you should count the number of repetitions you can do and aim to improve gradually from one week to the next.  

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